Our experienced and capable Engineering Department has the capacity to complete almost any metal fabrication product.

With 10 Detailers and Project Managers and over 185 years of combined experience in product design, our constraints are nearly nonexistent. Our talented team will provide the necessary drawings in order to guarantee customer satisfaction every time. In the initial stages of each job, a Project Manager is assigned sole responsibility for organizing the project, initiating material purchases, and overseeing the flow of the work. Project Managers communicate with contractors to agree upon a time frame for project completion and to coordinate a submittal and fabrication schedule that ensures that critical dates are met.

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  • Engineering
  • Detailing
  • Designing
  • Technical Data
  • Testing
  • Calculations
  • Engineer Stamps
  • Value Engineering

Breuer Metal Craftsman adheres to all building codes and standards imposed upon our products. The Engineering Department in particular, is constantly updating their knowledge of the current standards. In addition to our own corporate standards, all of our products are built to meet state and federal building codes, which guarantees that our products are as safe as possible.

Breuer Metal Craftsman knows that with time comes experience and knowledge. Our years of experience in efficient product design and fabrication increases the quality of our work, but it also decrease both the material and the labor costs. For example, when we provide a value engineer we also create new drawings to be sent in for approvals together with another estimate in order to provide a credit for the amount saved. We value our customers and know that they appreciate our efforts to lower installation time and increase the quality of the product.

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